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I'm looking into using OmniFocus for iPhone as a task manager but I have a tricky situation: I do not have use of a Mac at work so I would be using OF for iPhone as a standalone product. Getting my initial lists of tasks into the iPhone might take a while with the small keyboard. I know that I can add tasks to Outlook and have them go to OF and I also know that I can add tasks to and they will go to OF. That's good, but I'm looking to bulk add even more.

So, my question is, can I use an iOS text editor to import a long list of tasks into OF? If that iOS editor also has dropbox support, I can even type up the list on my Windows computer at work.

I'm envisioning something like this:

- Create an rtf file in windows and write up a long task list, then sync it to dropbox
- Switch to iphone and open the rtf file in a text editor that supports adding tasks to omnifocus
- Add all tasks (one on each line) into OF by sending the rtf file from an iOS text editor.

Has anyone tried this? Is it possible?