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After the initital sync in which the Omnifocus.ofocus directory is created on the webDAV server (running under windows Server 2008) and the file
k3kUonmDeZj.client is written to the directory, subsequent sync operations fail with "unable to read document. No root transactions found in "OmniFocus.ofocus" Cancel / Retry. All retries yield the same result. Renaming the folder Omnifocus.ofocus and trying the sync operation will write the folder and xml file again, but subsequent sync still yields the same error message.

I have the iPhone 3G and purchased Omnifocus through the AppStore yesterday. I do not have a Mac, and I do not want to rely solely on the iPhone backup for saving my Omnifocus database. The Windows server is my own and under my control. There's 600 Mb of space remaining on the webDAV harddisk on the server. WebDAV appears to be working correctly so what can I do to sync with webDAV?

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