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There's several different implementations of WebDAV out there, and some of them are more "well-behaved" than others. If that k3kUonmDeZj.client file is the only file in OmniFocus.ofocus, then it sounds like your WebDAV can't handle file names with '+' and '=' in them. If so, you should consider either running a different implementation of WebDAV on your Windows server, or maybe consider using one of the WebDAV servers that other users on the forums have had success with.

Thanks for the quick response. It appears that this webDAV handles equal signs fine but not plus signs in file names. Is it really necessary for Omniphone to use such characters in the file names it creates? As far as I know and see via Google search the native webDAV extension for Windows Server 2008 is the only webDAV implimentation for that OS. I own the hardware and OS for that server. It's in my home. It doesn't cost me anything. It's accessible from anywhere on the internet. Why would I want to be reliant on someone else and use someone else's server? I know that OmniFocuus is Apple-centric but your website says that it syncs with generic webDAV servers and "plays well" with Windows PCs. Is the method that generates database file names configureable? Perhaps a setting in an xml file?

Thanks for anything that will get it working on my server.