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Because not everybody works in the same way. I don't generally have the desire to move things out of my inbox just to put them into some arbitrary project if they're not part of some larger project, or if I simply don't care what project it's a part of... it just needs to get done.
Then just do it! :-)

While there is some reason to believe that Omni will put out an update to OmniFocus (desktop) to make it behave similarly to how the most recent OmniFocus (iPhone) version behaves in this regard (where suitably marked items in the Inbox do show up in context or flagged views), you might be waiting for some time. In the interim, why not use the features that are already present? If you set your preferences (Data pane) so that Inbox items with a context will be cleaned up, you can have them swept off to the Miscellaneous single action list (also configured on the Data pane) and get them out of your Inbox and allow you to use all of the tools, including the flagged perspective.