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So, with that background, I often find that I have many single action list items that I need to put on hold, because they are no longer "important" enough for me to complete.


What I've been doing instead is turning it into an actual project and *then* putting it on hold. I do this relatively easily by selecting the item, hitting command-[ to "outdent" it, which makes it a project.
If you are saying that the issue in THIS example (and that it happens frequently for you) is that it's not a project, it's really a single-action-list-type action and you don't want it to have to be a project but you want it on hold...couldn't you just have a separate SAL that's On-Hold SA's and move it from one (active) SAL to another SAL (on-hold)?

ETA: I hadn't read Linada's post before posting because I hadn't noticed that there was a page 2.

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