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There's nothing *wrong* with using a SAL for someday/maybe items. In my case, it breaks my workflow and organization.

For example, I have a Personal folder and a Work folder. I have Single Action Lists for each of those already. I'd then need SALs for someday/maybe items in those folders.

Then, it's not very easy to move an action in a SAL to another SAL, unless you have both items showing in your Focus/Filter list, or you have the Project column showing in your Perspectives.

Neither are show-stoppers if these things are already true in your workflow, of course. For me, they add a level of additional mental twisting that seems unnecessary, if only I could just put a SAL item "on hold", or treat projects and actions equally.

One of the things I love about OF is that I can bend and twist it in dozens of ways; one of things I dislike about OF is that I sometimes need to bend and twist *me* to fit OF's ways.