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2) How does anyone using OmniFocus deal with not being able to put single actions on hold? - The lack of this feature just blows my mind whenever I try to use my workflow on a daily basis. There simply are single actions in my projects I want to put on hold, but there just seems to be no way to do so...!

3) Waiting for stuff to be done by others. - I just want to be able to mark single actions with a tag that says "waiting". That way I could just include that tag in a perspective filter (like in Things) and see all my 'waiting for"s without altering their context or place within my folder structure.
I feel like I'm still an OmniFocus Newbie, as I've only been using the software for about 4 months, but in my workflow, I handle both of these issues the same way - I flag these items.

I know that's not the normal way people use flags, but I got into that habit with Mail about a year ago (when I had to use Mail as my to-do list, because I didn't have OmniFocus) due to the way I was using smart folders to filter things. Basically, I had two "filter" mailboxes - one that pulled everything that wasn't in my Archive folders, and one that pulled all flagged items. Then, I created other smart folders that acted like the projects I now have set up in OF, but would have the smart folder exclude anything from my flagged items folder. That way, I had a simple way to hide a task/email I couldn't do something on, but it could stay in the appropriate project folder.

When I moved over to OmniFocus, I did something similar since I was already familiar with that use of the flag. So, my "Work" perspective is set up to show me only unflagged items. If I'm waiting for someone to get back to me, or need to "hold" an item indefinitely, I'll flag it, and it disappears from my list.

To keep from losing those items, I created a "Waiting" perspective as well, which shows me everything that is flagged. I can then periodically review the Waiting perspective to see if something needs to be poked on again, if it should be unflagged, or if it's done now, and I should check it off.

Obviously, trying to do this wouldn't work if you use the flag to denote items that are higher importance than others, but it's a trick I've found to be very useful for me.