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When sending or forwarding an email to my address using the +omnifocus rule, OF splits the message into multiple actions in the OF Inbox based on whether dashes (-- etc) are in the message.

This is an issue for forwarding messages as these messages are surrounded by "-----Original Message-----" is a real pain to have one message split into multiple actions!

I did a simple test by sending an email to my +omnifocus address with subject "Test" and then in the body of the email, I put the following text:

----- test1
--- test2
-- test3

OF splits this email into four actions - the first action is the Subject and the next three are test1, test2 and test3, with two dashes stripped of the front of each line as below (and see attached screenshot of my Inbox).

--- test1
- test2

Can anyone else replicate this? I just want one email, one action...
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