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I just noticed a behavior that had me confused for a while and am posting it here in case others experience the same confusion. I submitted feedback to OmniGroup about this. You may want to do the same.

I think I've found a bug where a project should be showing up in a context, but when the last action is completed, the project disappears.

Actually, not sure it is a bug but it may be a behavor issue.

Steps to reproduce:
create project called test project
create action called action
assign both project & action to a test context

view the context pane
switch to active context view
select the test context

both the project & action are appearing
when I mark the action as complete
the project disappears

after much testing, I found the project is in the stalled context view.

Here is the issue with this behavior.
Yes I agree, the project is stalled.
However, I'm not sure I agree the context is stalled.

The context is still active, with a stalled project/group in it. I would prefer this to be visible in the active contexts, so I can either complete or add children to the project/group.

To see the action and the project beneath it, and by completing the action, I am hiding the next action/group/project, is counter intuitive.

When I look in the project view, the project is not listed as stalled, which it should be stalled and not active.