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It used to go to the Inbox first, but the default is now to skip the Inbox.

From the release notes archive:

Items entered in Quick Entry are now filed immediately if you assign them to a project or context, rather than being left in the inbox. (I like to call this the "touch once" behavior.) If you liked the old behavior of having them go to the inbox for review before they get filed (what you might call "no accidents" behavior), you can get the old behavior by setting the QuickEntryItemsGoToInbox default to true.
This preference still works, you will need to manually add it to the preference file located at:


I used Pref Setter, you can also use Apple's Property List Editor. Create a new boolean key at the root with the name QuickEntryItemsGoToInbox and set it to true.

Hopefully this will make it into the Quick Entry preferences in the app itself, as this is my preferred behaviour as well. I usually don't make very good next actions from Quick Entry :)