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Tried all the above offerings and now get this:

Unable to synchronize with iCal:

Exception raised:
Name: NSInvalidArgumentException
Reason: This client (<ISyncClient 0x172e2aa0>{ INVALIDcom.omnigroup.OmniFocus type="app" name="OmniFocus" description file="/Users/allanmoult/Downloads/" image="/Users/allanmoult/Downloads/"
sync state=(
<ISDSyncState 0x18b25150 []>{ last sync 6827 2007-11-22 07:42:20 +1100 status=2 enabled=1 wants pull Truth=0 sync mode=1 pull-only=1 push-only=0 refilter=0 , title, url, notes, read only},
<ISDSyncState 0x1597d390 []>{ last sync 6829 2007-11-22 07:42:23 +1100 status=1 enabled=1 wants pull Truth=0 sync mode=1 pull-only=0 push-only=0 refilter=0 , summary, url, description, completion date, due date, priority, calendar}
}) is no longer valid - perhaps it was unregistered by someone else?
Backtrace:No numeric backtrace found