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With the latest sneakypeek, expansion of snippets in FogBUGZ (which simply inserts text with javascript) causes text fields in SP12 to go completely nutso if (as far as I can tell) text expansion causes the scroll bar to appear.

When this happens, the inline text stops updating, blanks out, and looks very wrong. Clicking the "+" brings up the editor, and the text is correct there. Closing it shows wrong text inline, still.

Typing in the "bad" text inline often causes characters to appear "backwards" once viewed in the expanded window. (So, if the expansion would normally put the cursor at the end of the line, if you ignore the corruption, type "Foo", then press "+", you'll see ooF at the end of that line.)

Note this is with FogBUGZ 5, and I've got "FireFox 1.5" as the browser string.

Hope that's useful...