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I love OmniFocus so far, however, I'm having one persistent problem:

1. Create task in OmniFocus
2. Sync OF w/iCal
3. Modify task in iCal
4. Create additional task in OF
5. Sync OF w/iCal
6. Conflict! iSync icon indicates there's a conflict, but Conflict Resolver doesn't launch to resolve the conflicts. In addition, I get the missing Conflict Resolver window (http: // so I can't even manually resolve conflicts.
7. Only way to resolve conflict and enable other syncing (in my case, Treo with iLife & Yojimbo via Missing Sync) is to open iSync and Reset Sync History, which is inconvenient at best and doesn't resolve the conflict.

Is there any way to make Conflict Resolver pop up when sync takes place? I bet I'm missing some checkbox or something to make this work right... I'm going to post this to the forum too, to see if someone else knows the answer.