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I updated my MacBook to 1.0.1 sneakypeek tonight, but am now unable to open my OF Data file. (My datafile is on a thumb drive, to facilitate working on 2 different machines).

When opening, I get a typical dialogue box "The document "Omnifocus" could not be opened. You do not have appropriate access privileges. To view or chang access priviledes, select the item in Finder and choose File>Get Info.

The only thing I see unusual to my eyes is that Sharing & Permissions lists me as having custom access. I don't know what that is. And, if I'm looking in the right direction, what I need to do to change it to get things working again.

After this happened, I took the datafile to my desktop machine. I have not yet updated it (currently v1.0), and although it was very slow to load, it did open there.

Any suggestions? TIA