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I've done a quick test and i cant see how you managed to achieve a page with a 48 size font that replicates the issue you posted. I command++ zoomed the text to the maximum and note: my max font size in font preferences is 11 so im not sure how the page gets larger text than that anyway but still the text in the autofill form drop down still retains my important! font size and type while the font in the form is larger like the page content it is still not large enough to cause the problem you have. and im using the latest SP in Tiger so there is something adrift in Leopard.

Maybe there is a difference in px and point sizes playing with OW because if i set max text size in OW it looks like size 32 but in fact if it is copied to text edit the text is much larger, if highlighted an check the size its actually nearly double 60+. Strange behavior it may be but this does work well for me in any case id never have a font larger than 11 points anyways an that is a fixed width font courier for unix commands since anything below that is not aliased.

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