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OmniFocus is great but I can thing of at least one thing that's been really annoying me lately.

This may not be any fault of OmniFocus at all but it bugs me that I can't use Quick Entry when Front Row is running. (Similar issue with iTunes in full screen mode but that rarely effects me)

So if I get idea in the middle of a movie or video podcast or whatever (which I often do for some reason) and want to record it, I have to quit Front Row, use Quick Entry, then go back into Front Row, navigate to the file I was watching, find the position in the movie I was at... It's not exactly "Quick Entry" after all that is done.

Was this a conscious decision on Omni's part or is Front Row incapable of sharing a screen with another app?
Is there any way of using Quick Entry and Front Row at the same time?
Might it be possible in future releases if it's not possible now?

Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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