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Got the following email from a customer: can other folks let us know if they can replicate the issue in the 5.9.2 sneakypeeks? We've got a G4 laptop here for testing, but the trackpad doesn't support two-finger scrolling...

Scrolling in Omniweb with the trackpad on my 1.5 GHz aluminum PowerBook
is jerky. A steady scrolling motion (two fingers) on the trackpad translates
to short intervals of normal window contents scrolling followed by a
discontinuous jump of the contents, then repeating. Faster motion with the
fingers translates to bigger jumps.

I made a recording with Jing but I'm afraid it's not very useful--apparently
Jing loads the processor to the point where it messes with the scrolling and
makes it jumpy in a different way.

I'll say that the problem that I reported is only a little annoying. But it
happens with all kinds of pages, not just ones with lots of stuff in them. I
also just now noticed that when Omniweb is not the front application and
two-finger scrolling is done on it (as is new in Leopard), the scrolling is
perfectly smooth. Front app--jerky; not front app--smooth.
Thanks to anyone that can give us a hand with this!

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