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Hi Dogsbreath,
Not at all too simple a solution! Your vote along with Curt's recommendation of Notational Velocity + Simplenote means that it's something I really need to explore. I really like the idea of Reference context + folder; my only worry would be that it slows down the system and the sync too much (and I want to keep OF fast esp. to be able to always enter actions in very fast). Evernote seems to integrate pretty well with my one-day re-switch to OF as per Nik. It's best for me I think because of the wide variety of format supported. I'm a heavy user of images in particular, and need them cross-linked to textual references etc. I have masses of PDFs that I manage in different ways (and iPad + iAnnotate, the latter being a decent temporary solution, is a blessing for all PDF readers), and Evernote keeps them available for me across platforms. Plus masses of Word and Pages documents, etc. There's some obvious quirks, but contrary to most people I actually really enjoy their Mac desktop app interface.
I also use iDisk mostly for massive backups of my HD and for sync services.
I'm curious, though: may I ask how many "reference" notes you keep in OF, how long they are on average and if you insert media in them, and if you've noticed any decrease in speed as the database gets bigger with those?