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Wouldn't it be equally useful if you could set "Status" to "Remaining" and "Flagged/Unflagged" to "Due and Flagged"?
That is the current implementation-'Due or Flagged' is a sub-set of the 'Remaining' tasks. There are two top-level 'Status' switches, remaining and completed, and the due, available, next, etc., filters are all sub-sets of remaining. I suppose Omni could create a new grouping of 'Remaining>Due OR Flagged AND Available?

I could then set "Status" to "Available" and "Flagged/Unflagged" to "Due and Flagged" to accomplish what I want. It broadens the usefulness of the filter.
I can understand how some users would see value in what you are looking for-I'm not questioning the usefulness of a filter that looks at due and/or flagged tasks that are available. However, if we are limited to how it behaves currently or the behavior you are looking for, I vote for the current behavior. What we really need, and has been discussed for the 2.0 release, are smart folders where we can customize our search criteria to exactly match our search needs.