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I have to say, syncing between my Mac & iPhone via MobileMe is one of my absolute favorite features of OF. In fact, its the biggest reason I chose OF over Things. Unfortunately, my syncs also sometimes take more than 10 seconds, and I'm on a brand new 3GS, and have only been using OF for about a month, so I really don't have *that* much "stuff" yet. Maybe I'll contact the support Ninjas & see if there's much I can do to speed that up. While 10 seconds isn't "that" long, and I could get into the habit of "forcing" a sync periodically, that kind of defeats the purpose. I don't want to *have* to think about it. I just want my data to "be there". As someone else mentioned, waiting even 10 seconds for a sync to complete when you just want to quickly view the shopping list you updated on your Mac a few hours ago is kind of a sucky experience.

When I make iCal or address book updates on my Mac, and later launch Calendar/Contacts on my iPhone, the data is "just there", no apparent sync time required. Perhaps Apple is using a private API to make this work - I have no idea - but it would be just plain awesome if OF could "see" the changes that quickly. I realize the current push notification system doesn't support this, but I encourage you to talk to Apple about adding this kind of functionality to the SDK. Perhaps start a thread about it in the devforums and/or talk to whichever other contacts you have amongst the SDK engineers.