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So, I'm thinking of arranging a way to export the contents of an OO document to an HTML page. Columns would be something like:

* Contents
* Element (HTML tag to be used)

Actually, I'll just start with those two. So, Row One / Column One would be free-form text:


And Row One / Column Two would be a dropdown list of XHTML-compliant elements, in this case:

List Item

And I'd want this simple document to export

Naturally, it gets more complicated after that. Some things you'll want two elements for, like if that list item was also a link. And I haven't really thought through the parent/child vs. indenting thing much. Really, I'd just like to start with this first step and see if it's something I can do.

Here's the thing: I know nearly nothing about Applescript, and I only enough of Automator to discover that it's probably not the tool for the job.

Can someone point me to some relevant and/or easy-to-understand resources that might help me get a jump start on this project?