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Thank you all for the quick replies.

@CatOne: I don't suppose you could tell me where to find the manual? Since it's an iOS app and not a physical copy of software purchased in a store, I've no idea how to access a manual. Also, I have double-checked that the notifications for OF are, indeed, active in iOS's Settings.

@whpalmer4: All I know is OmniFocus has a setting that it will remind you a set amount of time before a task's start/due date & time. I had it set to 30 minutes, but no notification appeared. And by the way, I had entered the task weeks ago, not minutes before it was to notify my—that would be silly.

So if I'm supposed to use the calendar for time-specific appointments, then why does OF support sending information to iOS's Calendar app? Which, by the way, I am unable to set up. I tap the "Subscribe in Calendar" option under "Calendar Alarms", but it doesn't appear to accept my Omni sync login credentials—it repeatedly asks me for them.

Okay, so if I'm not supposed to use OF for time-specific reminders, then am I supposed to use iOS's built-in Calendar app? It seems like that's an extra step that should be unnecessary. Perhaps I'm thinking incorrectly, but I figured OF should be a one-stop-shop for putting everything you need to be reminded of future tasks & projects.

Lastly, thank you for the link to that blog post & white paper. It seems like that might be something I've been looking for ever since I bought OF.