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Is there any way to edit dependencies, changing "Finish to Start" to "Finish to Finish" for example? It is fun, and all, to delete and re-create dependencies (multiple times) until I get it right, but I can only handle so much "fun"...
;-) Right now, it doesn't seem like you can even select a dependency like you can a task. Given the limitations of "touch", even something like MS Project, where a dialog box for the task has "predecessors" would be more than welcome.

It sounds like printing to PDF is "in the works", and WBS-display may be too much for the feeble iPad, but dependencies are kind-of basic!

I held-off on SG Project Pro given the high-quality of the Omni iPad apps, and what looked like a lack of "precision" to me in things like resources and dependencies, preferring to wait on OmniPlan, but I'm starting to "lose faith". I'm happy that the initial version is out (it is usable), and am quite content to have something rather than nothing, but hope that features added to round-out basic usability are considered "free minor updates" and not "major releases for a fee". OmniPlan is basically comparable to the decent $10 apps right now, so hopefully we'll get free updates until some of the basic usability is rounded-out.

I have enthusiastic high hopes for OmniPlan!

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