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Does anyone know if the add/edit item dialog in the iPad build of OF is created using the OG frameworks, and if so, which bits? I particularly like the vertical tab bar, and had been thinking of building something similar for my own use. But if there's code in the frameworks I can learn something from, all the better.
Hi Cris,

That particular chunk of code isn't part of our public frameworks.

The editor was written to target iOS 3.2 (before UIViewController supported containment) —*we might architect things differently if we were started from scratch today.

The vertical tabs in the item editor code doesn't feel all that interesting. (It probably has dependencies on other OmniFocus iPad code, and we haven't needed it elsewhere yet.)

If there are questions I can answer to help get you started, I'm happy to help.

There is an array of tab buttons that we lay out vertically. They overlap each other slightly, and the selected on has the highest z-order.

There's also a container view. When a tab button is pressed, we swap the content of the container view with a cross fade animation.


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