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Hi Cris,
That particular chunk of code isn't part of our public frameworks.
Right -- I wasn't necessarily expecting it to be so. Just checking as I'm no UIkit maven myself, and having seen something very close to what I wanted to do in OF, was casting around for good starting points.

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There is an array of tab buttons that we lay out vertically. They overlap either other slightly, and the selected on has the highest z-order.

There's also a container view. When a tab button is pressed, we swap the content of the container view with a cross fade animation.
That already helps quite a bit, as it hadn't occurred to me to visually coalesce buttons with the container view. Had been picturing doing custom drawing, which would have been needlessly complex.

I do at least have the advantage of being able to target iOS 5+, so I can assume the UIViewController containment API.

Many thanks for your help!