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I'm not a beta tester of OF2 so I don't see the bigger picture here but (talking about the folder icons only):
Are you suggesting Rob that the contrast of the folder icons should be reduced on the OS X version?

There are other things to consider, besides avoiding allusion. The design needs to be similar across multiple devices too. People like the unified experience.

In general, I think there is a constant struggle to make UI's more appealing to the eye. Every new major version of every software needs a "refresh" of the UI these days. It's kind of fashionable right now and overhauls are expected by the customers. Apple has made full circle a couple of times here. First there was this glossy aqua interface. Then they made it more metalish, then OS X which was glossy and skeumorphic which they then brought pieces of into OS X which makes a mess and now Ive is going to change it all again. Each time people say "ahh ohh" thats a nice UI, thats how it should look.

Unfortunately if you came up with the perfect UI, you would eventually have to ruin it for marketing reasons. :)