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Ken, youíre receiving boatloads of crash reports from me, as Iím trying to break this is every way that I can!

Something Iíve noticed the past few weeks is that Iím having trouble managing my multiple google accounts. Iíve got four, and it likes to pretend that Iím logging into one, only to return me right back to my other account. This occurs even when I log out completely of google, and try to log back in. The login screens say the account Iím trying to log into, but once I do ďlog in,Ē it actually puts me into another one of the four.

I tried deleting all google cookies and starting from scratch, but as soon as I have more than one google account set up with logins, it confuses which one Iím logged into. (I wonder if Iíve got a background tab logged in as the wrong account, and the background refreshes keep that session active instead?)

Itís not causing a crash, so Iím posting it here in case anyone else has experienced something similar.

Keep up the great work! OW6 is awesome, and will only get better.