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Camino is carbon based actually, not Cocoa. Omniweb is Cocoa based - which means all the neat little Cocoa extras that I really like about OS X work in Omniweb.

I used Camino for a while when Omniweb wasn't being updated. It's a fine browser. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't use some of my favorite Firefox extensions, and I found the lack of bookmark syncing really annoying. But what I really was bothered by was the constant font display issues that Camino as a gecko based browser has.

The newest version of gecko, which is cocoa based, won't have these font problems, but that won't be out until the fall. Unlike my use of the Omniweb alphas, I find the Firefox and Camino alphas too unstable for real daily use.

The other feature of Omniweb that I've come to really use is the ability to have site-specific preferences. That ability to tweak fonts and/or CSS per site has become something I'm not willing to give up easily and is the primary reason I'm so delighted that now that Omniweb is moving forward with a new version of webkit, I'm able to use it as my primary browser again.