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Glad you like the script.

I hacked around in Mail for a long time trying to set up something for auto-generating Waiting For actions. In the current version of Mail there are some problems with running scripts from regular rules. Scripts run fine from Mail Act-On rules, but occasionally a script triggered by a regular rule will fail silently or cause Mail to hang. Ultimately that behavior made me give up, though I still have an action deep on my list to research this further.

I'm hoping that the version of Mail in Leopard will better support scripting, but I'm not holding my breath. Apple's own applications are among the worst for Applescript support.

Hmm, here's an idea...

MailTags allows the user to assign tags to outgoing messages. One could create a WaitForInOF tag to apply to a message during sending. A separate script could find all the messages in Sent Mail with the WaitForInOF tag. It could generate OF Waiting For actions, then clear the WaitForInOF tags. Running this script as part of a daily review would generate Waiting For actions for all the applicable messages sent since the last run of the script.

The WaitForInOF tag might interact strangely with the MailTags feature that sends tags to and receives tags from other users, but it might be worth exploring.