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I'm not sure if I made my request clear: time sensitive contexts will be exactly what you are suggesting as workaround but automatic.

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You can accomplish a lot of this with the current offering, though perhaps not automatically.
But the feature request is exactly the automatic activation of time sensitive contexts.

For example, the calls:

Instead of having just a Calls context, make

Calls: Any time
Calls: Business Hours
Calls: Evening
Calls: Weekend

(obviously, customize to your needs)
Thats what I'm doing now but it is not working for me, because many contexts have weird times and I forget to look at the right contexts at the right times. Actual real life example (times in 24h format):

Mo 8-12 + 16-19
Tu 8-12 + 16-19
We 8-12
Th 8-11:30 + 14-16:30
Fr 8-14:30

I know this doesn't provide an automatic "hey, you can make this call now" function, but if you want that on your desktop, make sure you have Growl installed ( and put a start date/time on the actions and you'll get a reminder.
A start date wouldn't help because then I would have to decide when exactly I will want to do certain things. Thats quite un-GTD like, because its like writing in your calendar things to do that needn't be done at that time.

As for a special context "not being worth it" -- why not? Contexts are inexpensive and can be deleted without regret once their usefulness is past. You aren't carving your context list on a stone tablet; use the flexibility OmniFocus gives you!
But the feature request is exactly time sensitiveness on contexts, having the same on actions is not really necessary because I'll filter contexts anyway such that only those with remaining actions will be shown.