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Well. Even before your answers I went on and bought the Desktop licenses and so far one for the iPhone.

I have to say I am really impressed with the sync times, even for iPhone. I have about 350 tasks and it synced in less than 5 seconds flat. Last night I was a total nerd by trying to explain to my wife how are we going to work with OF software and what a cool company Omni is. She told me we needed to stop for eggs.

Now, about your comment:

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OmniFocus really isn't intended as groupware at present
I completely understand this. This is not a groupware software and I am forcing it a little bit. The thing is that my priority is to look for simple before "adequate" and I think your software is simple enough for everyone to use.

So, having this in mind, I would like to make a request: private items. If in my organization people know their duties and what folders should they modify and what folders not to, then I'll have no data loss problems when syncing, as you said. That is up to us and not up to Omni.

The thing is some users may want to enter data that does not sync with others. Maybe personal errands that do not involve a group. If every user could locally have a way to restrict syncing some folders or if a "private" folder would be in every user, then that would be solved.

One step after that is creating an administrator and user logins and I think you might not be going on that direction (yet).

The bottom line is I really like how this OF software works versus others that I tested (Things 1.0 and Daylite 3.7) and I will be an Omni client for long. I will also participate to try to make it better.

In regards of the comment by Lars:

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I don't know if it's something for you. But I put a little service called Spootnik ( together which synchronizes Basecamp directly with OmniFocus.
I do find it interesting. However, I would need it in Spanish and working with iPhone.