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I'm not sure if this is possible or not--which is why I'm posting here.

I want to have a "drop box" that I can use to synchronize projects and tasks between home and work. I imagine this working as a @Home category at work, and an @Office category at home. Tasks and projects in those categories (and ONLY those categories) are synchronized to a WebDAV server, and end up in the Inbox on the other end.

Is this possible?

Long explanation:

I run OmniFocus at home and now at work and I would like to be able to synchronize the two. I subscribe to David Allen's advice of having one single, trusted system for both work and personal lives. HOWEVER, I work for the government, and using government resources (and therefore taxpayer dollars!) to manage personal projects is not just a bad idea--it's against the law. I.e, jail time. Unlikely to happen for sure, but I'd rather stay on the right side of that line just in case.

By having a drop box between the two I can easily transfer personal tasks captured at work into my personal environment. But it is also important that I restrict what's synchronized to just what's in the @Home categories as transmitting work information onto a non-government computer would also be illegal.

I imagine this working as a set of filters for synchronization and two WebDAV servers. At work, for example, I'd have a filter that would select only @Home tasks and projects for synchronization with the first WebDAV account (which ends up in the Inbox of my personal OmniFocus). Another filter would take everything from the second WebDAV account (which came from @Office in my personal OmniFocus) and stick it in my office Inbox. Vice-versa for the personal OmniFocus at home.