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OmniFocus doesn't have built-in features that support this, I'm afraid.

The best I can imagine is the following:
Use the default database for your "home" tasks and items. That's the only database that OmniFocus will synchronize with.
(It's the one located at ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/, btw.)

Your work machine has a second OmniFocus database, located somewhere else on that machine. To make this second database, just use the finder's Duplicate command, then move the copy, give it a new name, and delete the contents. You now have someplace to store your various work-related actions with no risk of syncing them to the home machine.

It's theoretically possible to handle moving actions between the two databases on your work machine with some sort of AppleScript, but then you have to worry about accidentally using the script on something you didn't actually want to sync.

If a mistake meant jail time, the approach I would take would be to make a "work stuff" single-action list in my Home database, and then manually type tasks into that list. OmniFocus then syncs that new task to the home machine just like any other.

True, you need an additional "I did this" action to remind you to check it off in the un-synced database when you do something at home, but to my mind that's a small price to pay for staying out of prison. :-)