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Isn't even capturing personal tasks on a government computer stepping over the line? If you're determined to be squeaky clean, I would think the only reasonable answer is that you don't put your personal stuff on your work computer.

If it is okay to capture personal tasks en route to moving them home, and vice versa, you could probably do something with the support for processing email into actions. An Applescript could be run against the contents of the @home context while at work that went through and generated a mail message to create that same action on your home machine (see "processing mail messages into actions" in the OmniFocus help function for the details). When you get home and fire up the Mail app, it processes those emails into the corresponding actions and stuffs them into your OmniFocus database. For simplicity, you'd probably want to delete those actions from the source system the next day before adding any new ones to the transfer context. The script would be written so it only processed the actions that you selected before invoking it, and from what I recall of playing around with generating outgoing Mail via Applescript, it could be set up so that it just generates the message, but doesn't actually send it, so you had the final approval.