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Thank you, Brian.

It's a shame OmniFocus doesn't support this. I'd imagine others would be interested in a "drop box" as well, not just government workers. I corporate worker, for example, might not want to synchronize his or her start-up ideas and todo items onto their work computer, for example.

EDIT @whpalmer4: There's a contingency in the contract I signed that allows for limited "reasonable use" of government resources for non-work related activities (checking personal email during lunch breaks and off-hours is what it was originally intended for, I would guess). I think it's safe to interpret capturing personal tasks as falling in the same category as checking email, but organizing your entire personal life on a government machine is certainly crossing the line.

I don't deal with anything classified, so I don't think there is any serious risk of repercussion, but in government it's always good to be squeaky clean, especially the higher up you get.

Nice suggestion with the personal tasks and email filters. I think that's what I'll do.