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Having searched through the forums, I have come to the conclusion that Omnifocus doesn't do checklists (or at least not in the way (I think) I want to work).

One rule of the universe appears to be that there are more things to do than there is time to do them (that's why we use omnifocus - right!).

I have a number of things that I 'Should' do every day/week/month but a much shorter list of things I 'must' do.

Omnifocus is fine for the 'musts' - if I don't do them then the pain of clicking complete or switching the date is a necessary consequence.

For the once in a blue moon checklist stuff I understand that there are scripts (not much good on an iPad) that will use a template to populate omnifocus

Omnifocus can't handle the regular 'Should' checklists though - the things like 'empty bathroom bins' or 'exercise' where the world won't end if we skip it once or twice.

So what does a good checklist (to be used alongside Omnifocus) look like?
  • It doesn't try to replicate functionality in Omnifocus, so individual elements of the list don't have due dates etc. (That would make it an Action)
  • The contents of the list itself are constant (with functionality to add, edit or delete components of the list)
  • If (big If) there is a reporting/review requirement then the items should have the status completed/Uncompleted/Missed (missed is a setting for if a list 'expires', the completed is set when the user clicks the checkbox).
  • The list can repeat or not. If it does repeat it is at the frequency set. (daily, every monday, monthly 1st of month, monthly 3rd friday in month etc.)
  • A repeating list expires. Any uncompleted actions are flagged as missed and the list re-generates as uncompleted.
  • The display has a flag to show, hide or grey out completed items (hidden list = 'still to do', greyed out = 'still to do' plus gentle reminder of 'done')

So, if Omnifocus can't (or won't) add suitable checklist functionality what is the best alternative for the iPad (I don't get on well with iPhone apps that are on the iPad)?

Incidentally, I think that this is more of an iPad sort of thing. If I am working on a Mac/PC then the checklist could be kept on a spreadsheet or

If we can persuade Omnigroup to add checklist functionality what else would we want to chuck in the specification? What have I missed?