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Interesting discussion about dates... and great options that you guys at Omni have implemented for establishing dates and times with all these shortcuts...

But... I miss something.

I work a lot with OmniFocus and use all the time the quick entry window. I use keyboard shortcuts to navigate from one field to the other, but when I get to the "Due" field, I always need to take my mouse to click on the small calendar icon and choose the date in the mini-calendar.

Being able to write a "." to say "today" or +2d to say "after tomorrow" is great, but I realize that many times, when I need to decide a date, I'm more visual and need to look at the calendar to choose the good date. For example: if I want to do something on the friday in two weeks, I don't want to count the days in my head to be able to write "+2s3d" or I don't know what strange code... I want better to see the calendar and pick the day!

One thing that would be GREAT: in the quick entry window, when getting to the "due" field, being able to make the calendar appear with a keyboard shorcut, navigate with keyboard arrows to choose the date, tab to put a time and enter to validate.

Or, with an image:

Maybe it's possible already, but I didn't find it...

Would it be possible do you think?

In an ideal solution (for the future), if I could even better get at that stage (when coming to "due" field) an overview of my iCal content to choose the right date, it would be just a dream... but maybe more complicated to implement...