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If the file is saved as a flat file rather than a package, it won't have contents and a data.plist. (The file options are in the Document:Document inspector.) In that case, one would have to edit the .graffle file in a text editor to get to the value for Creator.

The issue of the realtive immutability of Creator is a broad one. The string value is apparently the full name for the account under which the file is created. That's usually associated with the name of the actual individual creating the file, but, as noted, it's not always identical to it, either in content or format. There are situations in which they may differ.

If you're interested only in text in the document, the Modifier variable may often do the trick, especially if you embed it in "Created by <%Modifier%>", but not always.

It's a blt misleading for the help to say, "the name of the user who created the file, according to Mac OS X's file system;" from the user's point of view, it's the account that holds the name, not the file system.

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