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Are you trying to sort individual actions rather than projects? If so, flip over to context mode (which operates on actions) and set the sort order there.
Yes, I was trying to sort items within a project and I do realize I can do that in context mode. The way I have it set up now is my projects don't have due dates, but items within the project do so that's why it appeared to me that sorting in project mode didn't do anything. I teach so I have a project for each course. Each course then has tasks like:

write HW 1
write HW 2
write lab 1
write lab 2
write lab 3
write exam 1
write exam 2

I tend to put them in that way and then add due dates. I tend to review in project mode (maybe I shouldn't) and wanted to see what needed done soon. I guess I need to figure out a different way to do the review or enter them by due date in project mode.