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I'm trying to put together an Entity-Relationship diagram, using tables as the entities, i.e.: entity name in the first row, attributes in the second row.

When I press "return" I'll get a new table and be able to edit the first row. How do I edit the second row? OmniGraffle is helpfully adding the table with two rows since the first object I placed on the page was the two-row table from the UML stencil. At present I have to click on the "expand" handle to the right, then click the "Attribute / Attribute" text in the row, at which point I can edit that second row for that object. Pressing down arrow will go to the next object, setting me up to edit the second row for subsequent objects.

What I'd like to know is how I can edit the second row after editing the first row.

Bizarrely, if I have all the entries in the Outline sidebar collapsed, arrowing down the list will place the cursor in the first row of the next table while arrowing up the list will place the cursor in the last row of the previous table.

So I guess I'd be happy to know how to edit the first row after editing the second/last row, too :)