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Give credit where it's due. There's a reason why OG is leading the market.

Shared Layers - Once I started using these I seriously couldn't believe how I did without them. An always editable layer that re-appears in every canvas? Freakin' GENIUS

Master Objects - Edit once and see it update everywhere? Regardless of space and time? Spectacular feature, no commercial design tool comes even close to it.

(8/8 EDIT - I know, I know, Visio has Document Stencils which does the trick, but you have to select it in the Stencils pane rather than just clicking it directly, and if you have hundreds of shapes in a doc, that's a huge hassle)

Drop Shadows - No seriously! Access to quality drop shadows on a CAD app makes a HUGE difference. From identifying floating boxes to identifying components from page frames. Sounds mundane, but really great job.

Make Same Width/Height - UNBELIEVABLE! How many times have I had to overlay an object with the exact measurements, or needed to normalize a series of box shots so they were consistent. ALL THE TIME.

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