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It's a long-standing problem that even if one has a valid "personal" license, trying to launch OW on two computers on the same network at the same time--say, one's desktop and one's laptop--results in the second launch taking place as a trial launch, which expires after a short period. There's a short thread about this issue on the OW General section of this forum. I'll bet a lot more of us have experienced it than have posted there.

I went so far as to purchase a second license as a workaround, but obviously even among OW diehards that's not a solution that's going to garner widespread support.

When this began happening to me a year or two ago, I wrote to Omni support and whoever answered (sorry I didn't save the exchange) acknowledged the problem and said it might get fixed in an upcoming version. Clearly that hasn't happened yet.

Might this be put on the agenda for a new version in the near future? Please?

Let me emphasize that this isn't an attempt to get around the license. A license set up as "personal" ought to allow this sort of usage unless I'm gravely mistaken. (In my situation, it results from launching OW on my desktop, then needing to go elsewhere in the building or on campus with my laptop and trying to launch it there without having remembered or had time to quit it on my desktop machine first.)