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I'm trying to modify Curt Cliftons "Send URL to OmniFocus" script, so that it adds a project and context to the task while executed, but I seem to fail in this.

make new inbox task with properties {name:(actionPrefix & theName), note:theURL}
When I read the AppleScript dictoinary for OmniFocus, I see:

name (text) : The name of the task.
note (rich text) : The note of the task.
containing project (project, r/o) : The task's project, up however many levels of parent tasks. Inbox tasks aren't considered contained by their provisionalliy assigned container, so if the task is actually an inbox task, this will be missing value.
parent task (task, r/o) : The task holding this task. If this is missing value, then this is a top level task -- either the root of a project or an inbox item.

So I hacked the script like this:

make new inbox task with properties {name:(actionPrefix & theName), note:theURL, context:"test",containing project:"test" }
But then it fails silently. I hope some can shed some clue on my understanding of this subject?