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I saved the file last night. this morning I opened it up and started writing. I lost power to the computer and had to reboot. when it asked if I wanted to open the backup I said yes. I looked at what it had but it I thought there might be another version with more material in it (it hadn't backed up every word) so I quit and didn't save and began to search for the actual back up files, thinking it would work similar to Word where I could locate a folder with several versions of my file in it that I could choose from.
So are you suggesting that when I clicked on 'Don't Save' I lost everything I wrote? That really sucks. I recently made the move to OO from MS Word, while I miss the spell checker I love the flexability of OO. Today's incident might make me reconsider. I like this program for outlining, but when it comes to creative writing I need a better security system than one backup that might not be there. MS Word saves like 10 back ups in a different place than the original, I was really hoping that this would be the same way.