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Let me admit that part of this is inspired by iGTD2's leap to include a knowledge base as part of the application, but the issue has also been discussed a little in these forums.

The basic issue is working out an elegant transition from the beautifully organized task lists of OmniFocus to archiving the knowledge that is so often the result of completing those tasks.

The benefit of this seems self-evident to me, but let's run through a couples illustrative examples:

I'm about to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon. There are so many elements to this I'm really glad I have OF! One folder will be all the things I need to do to arrange the actual travel; booking the plane tickets (wouldn't it be nice to attach the itinerary right to this task), reserve the rental car (I'd love to bookmark all the companies so that I could compare rates easily then indicate the final one chosen). I also need to book all the places we are staying (I love the clipping feature so much that as I'm surfing the web I'd like to send the different sites of these places right to OF).

Well, I think you get the point.

I suppose the question is whether this should ever be the role of OF. There is certainly a good argument that it should not.

At the same time, I have taken all the the time to divide this big projects into sub-projects, and those sub-projects to individual actions. Should all that effort and time just be thrown away when I check that box and complete that task? Wouldn't it be nice to maintain this well-thought out structure and archive it with the attached links and documents that those tasks led to?

Again, I'm not necessarily advocating for the inclusion of all this in OF, but I'm hoping that people will add their processes here.

How can I do something like this? I've never used Yojimbo, but starting to look in to Together 2.0. Is this the real way to do this? What is the proper place of OF in all of this.

Looking forward to hearing people's knowledge management OF integration.