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I'm trying to use OG and Notebook together via Linkback.

I'd really like to be able to create an OG.graffle and have it link-displayed in one or more Notebooks. I'd also like to have the .graffle file independently editable from the Notebook (I don't want the Notebook to swallow the .graffle). I'd like to be able to use the .graffle in many notebooks (and other Linkback apps).

I've tried this and tried that and stumbled on establishing a link. However, by the time I got here I can't remember what "that" was and how to recreate it.

First, how the #*$&% do I really do what I propose?

Finally, is there a way I can kick off OG within another LinkBack app, and have the link established automatically?

I'm really thinking about writing "OmniGraffle: The Missing Manual" so I can understand.