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Forgive my ignorance. I have more than one question. Should I use one entry per question, or would you please answer more than one question? Your reply seems to imply that a two year old should understand how to use this feature, I'm sorry that I'm not that bright. Joel I know your trying to help. It must be difficult dealing with morons like me.

Cut from where?
From inside OG, from a Finder page with a .graffle file selected?

Paste to where?
I have multiple places I'd like it to appear.

Why do I need to "force the issue"?

Why isn't it a menu pick?

My assumption is that Linkback would allow me to create one .graffle file and then link it into several apps. The benefit being that I can maintain data changes to the .graffle and it is updated everywhere the .graffle is used. How far off am I in my assumption?

Please resume and enjoy your "Vroom-ing".

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