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LinkBack is a technology that allows a copy from one LinkBack-enabled application that acts as a "server" and a subsequent past into a LinkBack application that acts as a "client".

Afterwards, in the app that you pasted into, a double-click or the use of an Edit Menu entry will open up the pasted content in whatever application you copied from, you make your changes, and after saving the pasted content will update.

It has nothing to do with the original file you copied from, as the pasted content has enough information in it to create a new ad-hoc document for you to work with.

I may have come off as terse in my last reply, however that's because at its root LinkBack is as simple as copy/paste/double-click/edit. That's why I suggested copying as a certain format as I suspected that Notebook and/or Graffle may have been having troubles for whatever reason (and copying as PDF is the way to perform LinkBack operations between OmniGraffle documents).

In short, copy from OmniGraffle, paste into however many different LinkBack applications or spots in the same app, either double-click the pasted content and that should work fine.
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