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I like many others Want mind mapping.

I believe that discussion would need to take place a can't find any please talk about it here.

To get the ball rolling here are my proposals for core stuff:
Separate app.
Full brain storming.(can be used quickly with just the keyboard )
Can import Outliner files.
Can export Outliner and Gaffle files.

Cool stuff:
Can export to other mapping software.
Can export to HTML.
Look a and the way Outliner can be used to read though information. The Map software could work in a similar way.
Assuming that Map was based on cut down versions of Outliner and Gaffle (to keep the price atractive), that functionality might improve if the purchaser has better versions of Outliner and Gaffle.
Would it be possible to have files consisting of Outliner Gaffle plus extra Mapping stuff and Outliner and Gaffle changed to open these files.
Predictive import so if I edited a file with Outliner the next time Map opened it would guess the style of addition based on the styles already created.
Possibly a revision control system could be but in a pro version which would create a change map. So multiple people could work on a project and compare changes.

In the future
For all this to be incorporated into a web based service along with project and focus.

I hope this gets people thinking.