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Hello Derek,

I understand you answer dated 2009-01-22 in that way, that there is at the moment no way to copy a column with named styles from one document to an other document by Applescript.

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So you need to actually merge files as in copying a column to another already existing file with data? If you just need to copy a non-topic column to the topic of a new file, it's possible to do that without a script by placing the column you want to copy to be the first one on the left in the document. I'll explain this better if this is a possible solution.
No, the topic columns have in every document always the same content. The content of the topic column describes the "things to do" within a product development. And this things are always the same because it is a kind of check-list (If you plan to develop a new software product I am sure there are a lot of thinks you have to do in every development like quality test, documentation, etc.) Every non-topic column stays for one product we have to develop within a product family. And the contents of non-topic column describes the state of the development for this product.

And now one product shall move from one product family = one OO-document to a new product family = new OO-document.

Does this explanation help to understand my problem better? Do you see any chance to find a solution?
Regards Johannes